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Words do this to us. They feed us even before we see. They build expectations. They are things too. And they lead us to see other things in a certain way. Words activated like and paired with the visual are the message.

Why Are You Doing This To Me?

Andrea Chesney

Lettering inspired by horror movie poster designs from the 80’s.  Compiled here by Christian Annyas,  via  Riley Cran .    

Lettering inspired by horror movie poster designs from the 80’s. Compiled here by Christian Annyas, via Riley Cran


One of the hazards of life is getting on a plane, and meeting a man who turns into a true love boy and then you go marry him and live in his city and then you realize it is the same city where a huge powerful Jabba the Hutt sort of company is, and the company is run by a million people who have been brought up thinking that the best branding colors are disco party purple, hot pink, my little pony aqua, and toy truck orange, for everything. All the time. 

And the thing is, you have to live there and so you walk around biting the insides of your cheeks, and it hurts. Why are you doing this to me? So, how about this: if I send you a brand new Pantone book, free, will you look at it? Because lots and lots of people love you. You are part of their lives. We know you care. So... a little peek at our Pantone book and ways to think about new ways to woo people without startling them? It will make you look good in a modern sleek world.