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Words do this to us. They feed us even before we see. They build expectations. They are things too. And they lead us to see other things in a certain way. Words activated like and paired with the visual are the message.

Food Network, Sign Her Up: A Wine Country Star Named Wendy

Andrea Chesney

We at WTAT love our wine. All the wine. So when one of us gets to make a trip out to wine country, we are in heaven. In Napa recently, we experienced many fantastic things. Fine food, gorgeous weather, visits to a number of top-of-the-chic-meter vineyards for tastings with friends, Californians who know and love their special vintages. Over drinks at the end of our latest trip, at the bar of our beautiful five-star lodgings, we all agreed that the highlight of our dazzling week had been not the brilliant Kenzo Estate or even the delightful world of Cliff Lede Vineyards/Poetry Inn (more on this one later) or even our beloved old Silver Oak, but this surprise: a private tasting and a chat with a woman named Wendy Day, the Sales & Hospitality Director at Celani Family Vineyards

Wendy was warm, welcoming, smart. Friendly. And funny. In a world in which wine is offered often in hushed, temple-like settings, Wendy (like the equally awesome guys over at Cliff Lede Vineyards and the Poetry Inn) kept the sense of elegance and craftsmanship front and center while also managing to offer the Celani story in a down to earth way that made the wines' creation and the owners' life journey even more compelling. A master of sales and welcoming guests, with a natural aplomb that would impress Oprah or Craig Ferguson or Ryan Seacrest, Wendy was both friend and pro.

She let us relax in a gorgeous parlor and savor the amazing wines Celani Family Vineyards produce (heroic cab sauvs) while bringing the tale of the vineyard’s genesis alive. Book a tasting with Wendy and you’ll be like us and want to get the Food Netwook to give her her own show, or have your brother marry her, or just up sticks and move to Napa so you can become one of her pals. Wendy Day became our Napa Valley Adventure Hero and our 2013 Customer Service and Sales Queen. We may even sweep her into the 2014 running.

We're serious: discover this vineyard and their wines soon; they ship to most states. (That said, we can hardly wait until our bottles of "Tenacious" arrive.) Thanks, Wendy. (Coming up soon, we'll talk about our happy Cliff Lede day in Yountville.)  Update! Our Tenacious shipment arrived on time and our friends are swooning over its rich, thoughtful tones. Perfect.