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UNIQLO (hurry & shop it)


Words do this to us. They feed us even before we see. They build expectations. They are things too. And they lead us to see other things in a certain way. Words activated like and paired with the visual are the message.

UNIQLO (hurry & shop it)

Andrea Chesney

Whaaaaat??  Is that sun? Whatever is breaking through 2014's grey just clicked our seasonal shopping switch. We're starting off by looking for some basics for work, trips, summer places we plan to go. We hit a few sites then, bored or sticker-shocked, zip eagerly back to Uniqlo. Still easy to see why California’s busy tech population loves this fast clothing store group as much as busy New Yorkers, creative Londoners and of course, the famously style-savvy in the store's homeland of Japan. Uniqlo is Uniqlo and there’s nothing like it. They are even handing us hair ideas:

The place is designed. From the logo, to the brilliant stores, to prints and colors thoughtfully selected with a trained graphic eye. To the clean crackle of the uber-feast-like site, and even the way the boxes look when they arrive lashed with bold red and white taping. We even kiss the funny messaging when we've left our basket loaded too long because something stupid like "work" or "life" distracted us. Uniqlo is your firm edgy friend who talks fast and moves swiftly but keep grabbing your arm to drag you along to enjoy it. That gets us ready. Then they immediately yank us in with exactly-right shirts, tees, sweatshirts and sweaters, all around $15 to $30 (less during regular stock-up sale promotions). Resist them? Ha ha ha ha ha. Nah.

Do what fashionistas like Dakota Fanning do with Uniqlo: have fun, and dress yourself up, and get treated well. Everything you want is in a well-designed store in select coastal cities, or in a clever online world that you’ll want to wander around in like it’s a free cocktail party and you’re on your third drink and tomorrow’s Saturday.

Spring/Summer 2014 is happening now. Go there to grab their superb affordable basics (infinitely better than basic) and plunder their pop-up collections. The IDLF collection for women has shirts, little chiffon skirts and body-skimming dresses. Their men’s Novak Djokovic 2014 Australian Open Collection is tasty. And see the newly launched SPRZ NY Collection (in their Fifth Avenue store and online while it lasts). SPRZ is described on their site as “T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, bandanas and tote bags inspired by famed and influential artists” featuring a range of mini collections including items from MoMA and AlphabetBags (out of London).

Things go fast. Really! Uniqlo recently sold out of a t-shirt designed by Pharrell Williams. Be prepared to dive in like a hawk. No worries. For summer you can get more shirts and sweaters for a song. The perfect city jackets. UV-protecting hoodies and sweaters that look body conscious versus all, well, you know, sweatery. Also see their other smart-clothing comfort-theory lines. Standard here: colors you’ll actually want and the most efficient basic no-frills delivery we’ve experienced. Don't miss: their apps, called LifeTools. Like the hairdo link above, and UT-Cam and a wake-up app: (the guy in love with "Her" would melt). Everyone is shopping the happy hell out of them right now and ripping boxes open with glee, so jump to their site and get yours.