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Words do this to us. They feed us even before we see. They build expectations. They are things too. And they lead us to see other things in a certain way. Words activated like and paired with the visual are the message.

What She Did Next, Chapter 2: The Pink Daisy Project Helps Younger Women With Cancer

Andrea Chesney

Back in 2006, we had the pleasure of working in Seattle with Debbie Cantwell, who was one of the brand’s top writers. In addition to be funny and brilliant and filled with ideas, Debbie was a young woman also busy with something else: a very young family and the effects of coping with cancer. In spite of her hard work (actually working on a heavy project load as she recovered from the stress and illness of treatment, and generating great ideas), Debbie, after we left, was laid off by this brand just as she faced more surgery. 

What did Debbie do with these lemons? She soldiered on. Had the surgery.  The recovery. And didn’t complain, but instead got even busier and out of the sour lemons made pink daisies to help others in the form of The Pink Daisy Project. Designed to fill in the “help gaps” that existed in the world of young women like her dealing with cancer at times in their lives when careers and lives are just being started, school may still be underway, personal funds might be low and the sense of youthful invincibility everyone takes for granted is then shattered, the project has grown since 2008 to help more and more women nationwide.  

Debbie was named a 2011 CNN Hero of the Year for her efforts. And her organization’s going strong: Please click to watch this video on her site featuring Hannah Simone of TV’s New Girl. And think about what you can accomplish in your life no matter what. And if so inclined, please make a donation to help out if you can. We just did, to help out a dear friend faced with the same journey right now. THIS is what branding and marketing skills are born to accomplish for the world. Well done, Debbie, and a long-distance hug from us to you.


Cute Gifts For Cute Friends

Andrea Chesney

Do you need ideas? Something a little extra sweet? How about… these cute and special little gifts for your special most cute friends, girlfriends, boyfriends?

A little wrist purse with her initial worked in beads & sequins from Anthropologie?


Sexy TokyoMilk Dark Perfumes at Sephora?


A jumbo Gourmet Caramel Apple from Mrs. Prindables?


Christmas Card Ornaments from Rifle Paper Co?


Guides to their favorite city from Herb Lester Associates?

Hurry!! Betty White Offers A Chance to Win a Sharper Image Man Cave

Andrea Chesney

Are you man enough to win Betty’s Man Cave? According to the sassy queen speaking from her leather massage chair in a funny new video, she’s got the cool Sharper Image stuff you want (as teleported by NASA and received from princes and Mr. Clooney), including a Blue Tooth Tower Speaker and an electronic putting green.

As the video says: [OMFG] – What good gifts! Hurry and enter her contest and treat your boys to the toys... wait. As Betty notes, “Girls like gadgets too!”  


You Can Polish A Turd

Andrea Chesney

There are no doomed brands. Just doomed thinking. Keep polishing. 

We are speaking scientifically today as well as from idiomatic and business perspectives, so please excuse the necessary crudity in the headline! 

Warning: Do not read this while lunching or snacking. Jamie and Adam of the Discovery Channel’s popular MythBusters show decided to check out the old saying “you can’t polish a turd.”

Read More

Cyber Monday Loves You, And You, And You.

Danelle Cheney

Cyber Monday is Black Friday's friendlier cousin. Here are the deals we're hunting today:

Amazon: The ruling monarch of Cyber Monday is offering flash deals every ten minutes. We're keeping an eye on their official twitter feed and AmazonDeals twitter. 60% off select clothing and $50 off the Kindle Fire are steals too.

Alexis Russel: Free Sterling Silver Cuff Ring with any order (enter RINGFORYOU at checkout).

Asos: 30% off absolutely everything (use code GIMMEMORE).

Banana Republic & Gap: 40% off your order online and in stores (when you use code CYBER. How does one use a code in-store? Yell "CYBER" when you hand your items to the cashier? Hmm).

Bumble and bumble: 9 free stocking stuffers plus free shipping on ANY order (use code CYBERMONDAY). 30% off most items (discount applied at checkout).

Fontshop: We love fonts so much, we had to include this. Keep an eye on Fontshop's twitter feed for deals on specific fonts. All sorts of font-y goodness here, all week. Check back daily for deals.

J.Crew: 30% off your order plus free shipping (use code MONDAY).

Madewell: 25% off your order (use code FEAST25).

Moo: 25% off all printed products and accessories. Prices are marked, and the fine folks at Moo are giving us an extra day (sale runs through Dec. 3).

Nasty Gal: 30% off everything.

Rifle Paper Co.: 30% off everything (excluding notable and custom illustrations; use code CYBER2013).

Skillshare: Fantastic tutorials on everything from technology to food to photography to design (especially design). $10 off purchases over $25 and $20 off purchases over $50 (use codes CYBER10 and CYBER20). The good folks at Skillshare saw fit to offer this deal through December 4th! Huzzah.

Steve Madden: 35% off plus free shipping (use code THANKFUL35).

Stila: 80% off selected products.

Tattly: The EVERYTHING set is 50% off. Other orders over $20 receive a free sponge for easy tattly-ing.

T.J. Maxx: Free shipping on all orders (!!!) (no code needed).

Victoria's Secret: Free shipping on $50 (code FREE50), and $30 off $150 (code 30OFF150), but what we're most interested in are the TWO Secret Rewards Cards they'll include with any order of $10. Both cards will be worth at least $10 Dec. 5-20th, so you're basically getting purchase money back – you just have to use the cards on the specified dates.

Yes To: Flash sale, everything is $2 for 2 hours (from Noon until 2 p.m. EST).

You Should Buy Art / 20x200: 40% off Vintage Editions until 11 a.m. EST (use code EarlyBirdCM13), 30% off Vintage Editions after 11 a.m. EST (use code 20xCM13).

The Fox Is Black has compiled a stellar list of independent creatives offering Cyber Monday deals; some of our favorites are 50% off Delicious Design League's prints and posters, 15% off everything from YES Cincinnati (use code SAVE15), and Dan Cassaro's Highway Font for $20 (regularly $35). 


Must have ALL THE DEALS! We can hardly stand the excitement.


Emotion-Wringer Holiday Ad Winner: UK’s John Lewis

Andrea Chesney

Feast your eyes on this and get ready to feel your heart grow two sizes bigger. With a song sung by Lily Allen and a charming animation, the UK store John Lewis sends out a memorable two-minute tv spot to launch the season (and unlock the emotional side of the holidays as well). Read the Telegraph article about the serious spending by Britain’s retailers, who know this is the make-it-or-break-it season.

Best Tips on How Brand Name Jeans Fit

Andrea Chesney

So after giving Goodwill a major chunk of our wardrobes, we at WTAT are facing the big shopping quest: new denim. Because we loved our special jeans from our beloved kiss kiss you fit my girly ass I look fabulous brands. But it is a new day, a new season. Now do we venture out, or stick with what we know (back to Anthropologie and Nordstrom) or what? Because you know: fit. What to do? FIT!!!!! Gah. [fit...] Well, bedazzled baby jesus heard us, because we found what to do and who to ask:

"Making butts even cuter than kittens since 2009” is how the site Denim Debutante describes its mission. See what you think; they offer real sizing info for just about every denim brand we can think of.  Denim reviews you can actually use for new styles. And they sometimes link you up to denim discounts too.

Did You Know: Amazing Gifts Edition!

Andrea Chesney

LOOK! It's Holiday Shopping Time!

Andrea Chesney

Better get yours  this year in plenty of time for all those festive parties we know you'll be attending.

Better get yours this year in plenty of time for all those festive parties we know you'll be attending.

Fun fun fun to see what's out there! Ooh... Of A KindUniqlo and etsyThe Walker and Boden and Nordstrom and T.J. Maxx (where you can now shop ONLINE! Just when you thought T.J. couldn't get any better), Madewell and AnthropologieHarvey Nicks and Sunspel and SephoraDelia's and Kate Spade Saturday and ABC Carpet & Home and IKEA and Crate & Barrel and the rest of you, here we come. Shoppers on a mission wearing our VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY EARRINGS by Ugly Sweater Party on etsy. We will be updating you with our discoveries via photo, info and links for the betterment of your gift giving. We hope to add illustrations to charm you too as you sip your mint mocha latte or a Maple Leaf or Prince Street Cider as snowflakes melt on your new coat... yay holidays! Yay holiday windows! Yay all the stuff!

A "We Hope We See You Again Soon" To Ann Demeulemeester

Andrea Chesney

It’s been announced that fashion original Ann Demeulemeester will be departing her label. As a young member of the Antwerp Six of the 1980s, she brought her viewpoint into play with her vision, once saying that she felt she must push herself to keep creating something new within her defining style. With this effort, she made her name in the world and brought her ideals before the eyes of millions. In an industry where some great talents understandably find it easier to work from their own established templates to keep rapidly serving the hungry mouth of the endless show season cycle within marketing formula edicts, the Belgian-born designer kept things fresh with a world eye. We look forward to seeing what she does next.

View her site here.

Tell us what you think.

Fix Your Bad Day (Tips By Your Horoscope Sign)

Andrea Chesney

We like for a lot of reasons. One of these is their horoscopes section. It’s perfect when we want to take a break and read something fun. So this is what we’ve learned from them: right about now, Saturn in Scorpio is probably trampling you, and making life seem like a serious mucky lesson (this has been going on since 2012 and will keep on until 2014, and again for a dash in 2015).  We’re supposed to learn things, address buried fears and repair messes at last, be it closets or sibling stuff or where should you be and with who or the way you were a spy in Belgium once and still have two identities, oops.  

So buckle up, babies. Go with it and do the work, we're told. You will grow stronger and more grown-up and pulled-together along the way. Also, we’re just speculating, but wouldn’t this mean that clients will extra help with their angst and goals, because the planets are pounding the whole corporation thing with a fist of fix-yourself-up, right? We at WTAT shall mete out the calm critical thinking and how-to-be-more-fabulous, as always, no worries (you know who you are).

So with all this stuff hitting, we thought you could use some tips to help you relax. Even if you are the cool scientific snorting sort who thinks astrology is hooey piled on nonsense muffins and baked in a shenanigans machine (though you do have a lucky Yankees cap), these are nice tips to try because, well, they are so pleasant and soothing! Once again, has what you need. So, start here. FIx your day!


The Gift That Says, “I Know You Love Bacon”

Andrea Chesney

One day, the handsome man we live with, a man who holds top degrees and can quote things in Latin and know what the football refs will call before they call it, looked up from his special full-on Sunday morning repast in all his magnificence and said thoughtfully, “You know, it would be great if the house smelled like bacon every day.”

Well. It’s going on Christmas, dear, when anything is possible! And Seattle’s own Archie McPhee store will help us, because there is only so much Oscar Meyer we are willing to cook. Spoiler: you are good, you will get this: Archie McPhee Bacon Body Wash. As their copy promises, it’s “like washing with breakfast.”  And we don’t want to be all gender-specific here. If you are a woman who likes some bacon too (mmm BLT with avocado), go for it.

Sweater Weather Affects Our Minds

Andrea Chesney

We’ve been shopping. We’ve been touching wool. And some of it touched our style sense right back.  

Here are a few of our favorite finds of the season (nod to TJMaxx, our quick one-stop wunderbundt), in the category of  coaty-wrappy-toggle-y zippy sweater jackety styles. The kind we will pull on with boots and jeans to meet for a coffee and gossip and also to talk intelligently about advertising world references and the development of typography thrusts in California and Brussels and how cool it would be to have a big French country house filled with the newest cutting edge typographers for one three month summer of inventive heat, and we’d have writers there too since typography people are like the red carpet makeup artists of writers or the suave vodka-glittered Russian translators or writers or the sexy portrait photographers of writers. Let their kinds mingle, let them eat the meat together! In this decadent stone country house! Like you know, a band! A sexy wild inventive band! And then, pleased with our cool idea, we’d smooth our sweaters and go buy more boots.


How To Help Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Andrea Chesney

Our hearts go out to the thousands of lives affected by the typhoon's destructive hit in the Philippines. You can help emergency aid efforts in a variety of ways:

UNICEF is helping families find shelter, food, water and vaccines in addition to airlifting over $1 million in additional supplies. Donate online here.

The American Red Cross orchestrated preemptive evacuations and is now assembling relief packages as well as assisting in search and rescue operations. Read more here or make a donation online.

The World Food Programme is providing 1000 packs of high-energy biscuits (nutritious food is especially important for victims in the next few days) for every $100 donated. Make an online donation here.


For more information on how you can help emergency aid efforts, please check out the this complete and helpful list compiled by TIME.

Navigating the world of charities can be tricky (of course we want to make sure our donation is helping those who need it), and we really like GuideStar's tips and charity ratings.

The Real Holiday Trick

Andrea Chesney

Playing inside your head or your house: "I WANT NO MORE COOKIES"  “I WANT NO MORE CANDY!”  Don't keep buying it. "Why don't we have candy and cookies?"  Eat an entire bag of candy corn and half a bag of Reese's I had hidden for Halloween. Damn it! No more, this is cheap candy anyway. We are 70% German imported chocolate people, not this. But KitKat is different. So are Reece's cups. There is maybe food value. How can I stay in shape with a shelf of candy and cookies? It is for Halloween. So hide it. My stomach feels sick. No more. Good. I want just one. Why do you have to use scissors on these stupid bags? Look what’s in here. These are small, so two. I will leave two more out for later. So do we HAVE cookies or not. Yes. With coffee? Yes, one. We shouldn’t be buying cookies, sick of them, not good for us. I WANT NO MORE OF THESE. No more this shite makes me feel gross. Put them away. I told you: don’t buy anymore. I didn’t buy them to buy them. I bought them for HALLOWEEN. HALLOWEEN IS IN LIKE A DAY. WHERE IS THE DAMNED CANDY? Halloween is over! Put the candy away. Candy corn is the devil's nipples, get it away from me! Fructose!! Does Victoria Beckham have a perfume named Fructose? Should she? It's cold out: where is the pumpkin damn pie? Where are the Christmas cookies? 


Words At Law Firm Are Lady Things

Andrea Chesney

Five Bell WTAT Alarm!  Our little silly feminine heads are spinning over this one. The New York Post reported in an article by Natalie O’Neill that a big Manhattan law firm is telling some of its workers to speak better, and button up their big oh-oh you-them hoot-look girls too.

Female lawyers from this firm were told in a nationally distributed memo of “career advice” to stop “giggling” and “squirming” in public and to dress modestly and most importantly, to sit down and “practice hard words” according to an article in [Here’s a word for you, law firm: uberf*ckwaddery.] Remember to cross your legs if you are sitting on a dais as you read. If by chance you are offended, remember that upsetting you is unintentional and a rep says one of their own staffers submitted the tips, which she found it helpful (probably leading her to stop buttering her face during mediations and to wrap a tablecloth over her stripper bra while saying “acquit me right now” and “make sure I stay tied!” in a deep more mannish controlling voice every chance she gets). Also remember that all over NYC thanks to this story, there are probably laughing beery bro's calling up this law firm to represent them just to see what their female staff must be like (half-naked dumb sluts blowing bubbles through soda straws given to them by the judge to keep them quiet?) based in this memo. Way to suicide-train your staff's professional image the truly insane way, law firm. 



Can I Please Be Paid To Try On Shoes All Day?

Danelle Cheney

This exists and we here at WTAT are a little (okay, more than a little) fascinated by it. has videos of those shoes you might be pining over, a video of ACTUAL WALKING in those heels, so you feel a little less anxious about the fit and comfort level of that upcoming splurge. 

Go here, scroll about to the middle of the page, you will see a video on the right side of the screen. Watch it.

Every time you click on a new pair of shoes, there's another video. As anyone who has seen ladies new to the World Of Heels teetering down shoe aisles with less grace than baby giraffes knows, this takes real talent. Who is this? Does this person get paid to try on all these shoes? All day? EVERY DAY? Why is it so mesmerizing? How does she make even the scariest heels look perfectly comfortable to walk in? Why am I clicking through 60+ pairs of heels I am not even remotely interested in buying, just to see these videos? Ahem.


London Gets Their Own J. Crew

Danelle Cheney

Crewing in the UK just got a new meaning. Make a bit of room on the bench, Boden. Look sharp, Whistles, Joseph and Warehouse. The new girl in town is American and her name is Jenna Lyons and she’s bringing Brits a store full of I Want That starting this month. Lyons as you know is the brilliant President and Creative Director of our beloved J. Crew, which opened on Regent Street on Friday, November 8. If you’re in London, run and get in line behind our friends Michelle and Madeline and Krista and see the space and gather up your style fix. We love Crew’s jeweled collar cashmere sweater and framed long-sleeve cashmere tees this season, wherever you shop. We are also eyeing their new gilded paisley café capri pant. And their luscious pale graphite Hughes satchel would be fine too, Santa (you, Reader, may have it in burgundy so we can still go to drinks together). But go ahead, start with the cashmere (some for men too).

If you’re on our side of the pond, read Lyons’s interview in May’s Fast Company magazine if it’s still in your files, or roll with ELLE UK’s meet-and-greet here.