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Words do this to us. They feed us even before we see. They build expectations. They are things too. And they lead us to see other things in a certain way. Words activated like and paired with the visual are the message.

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Johnnie Walker Is Winning Our Hearts

Danelle Cheney

Have you seen this commercial? Full disclosure, the first time we saw it on TV, there was a bit of don't-you-dare-ask-me-it's-just-allergies-I-swear watery eyes happening. Our internal dialogue: I WILL KEEP WALKING! I WILL! OH, HOW I WILL WALK! ... Wait... this is a booze commercial.

Cheers, Johnnie Walker, for some classy advertising.

Fair Warning: YouTube may require sign-in to view this video (to prove you're 21+), because adult beverages. You can also go see it directly on Johnnie Walker's site (also requires birthday verification).


That Android Logo? Irina Did It.

Andrea Chesney

While most of the world is clutching an iPhone, one of us also owns an Android (yes, we know, it’s incompatible with the rest of our totally Apple world. But it wasn’t dropping calls in some big, old fortress-like city buildings or their conference rooms, so we still pat it fondly). Anyway, we often wondered who was behind the little robot guy logo that’s the face of the android smartphone world. We found out: Irina Blok. Read more about her invention as well as Irina's thoughts on what makes a good logo, and why she says, “You give a life to this individual, and then they have a life of their own.”

Image from  Google Inc , courtesy of the New York Times.

Image from Google Inc, courtesy of the New York Times.

Almost Want A 2014 Dodge Durango Now

Andrea Chesney

Thanks to you, Ron Burgundy, aka Will Ferrell, we just about want to park this beast in front of where we live and then load it up with stuff at Target. According to, Ferrell made a pile of these commercial spots, so buckle up. Thank you, Chrysler marketing guys and VIPs, for being open to this. How many earrings or balled sweaters would fit in that glove box? We may go find out. Read more here.

What We Can't Smile Without: Johnnie Boden

Andrea Chesney

Johnnie Boden found a breakthrough formula and sticks to it. A witty identity is paired with appealing photography. Images are brilliantly styled and captured in a recognizably English, Boden-brand way. Bits of copy are uniformly Bodenized, whether online or in the fat little lovely catalogues; cheeky thoughts and UK word-play thrive saucily. The merchandise bubbles out energy. No big-box boredom here. We've read blogs describing this as clothing for “yummy Mummies” and rather outrageously comparing them to Talbots. But in cities, we see Boden pieces worn by high school and college girls, ad agency creatives, and lots of us out on dates. Even bits colorfully mixed with club gear, UO, Crew and Anthropologie. The higher-end range dresses us with a new Boden edge. Who says the British can’t be (teasingly) direct in their pitch and woo? Because, ooooh, our Johnnie can, mmm. This is one smooth, solidly iconic brand. Go, Boden House people, go. Keep making us smile the way you do. 

While we’re on the subject, our Fall looks from Boden:

Thank You, IKEA

Andrea Chesney

For the extra shelves we needed. For telling the world they could afford a little bit of design. For making it possible for firms to utstoffera their design-right offices with their quirky smart affordable pieces and parts. And for running ad spots like this one. It caught ADWEEK’s eye and freaked them out and okay, it sort of freaks us out, but, well, we’re talking about it, right? Word of mouth is what you can’t pay for and want especially in this go-viral-and-succeed world. And they’re trying something (courtesy of their agency, Motherforce, London) and got us to think about IKEA furnishing options for smaller homes and non-traditional lives. And, the big and, maybe the greater point is that it’s time to try something, as Old Spice and Heineken have been proving, because our visual tastes have been marching on for a while. It’s not the infamous Harvey Nichols “women wetting themselves with fashion excitement” ad from 2012, after all. See what you think, along with Adweek’s July 2013 assessment of the spot.