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Words do this to us. They feed us even before we see. They build expectations. They are things too. And they lead us to see other things in a certain way. Words activated like and paired with the visual are the message.

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Go On Girl, Spend It Like A German Bishop

Andrea Chesney

Whaaaaaattt?  So while you were debating over buying some fluffy new towels, the Bishop of Limburg in Germany (state of Hesse) was allegedly skipping along in his bishop boots and throwing down the big Euros to perk up his new bishop pad. So says a story in, an English-language German news-site discussing articles that appeared in Der Spiegel and Nassauische Neue Presse among other publications.

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What Would James Franco Wear?

Andrea Chesney

According to the, a London City lawyer was ordered to take down a blog post that said female law firm recruits should not wear bras that are red. A nice plain neutral t-shirt bra is okay. This humorously intended "stiff dress code"-revealing advice was deemed “too racy.” Read the full article here.

Okay. Yet, most firms are missioned for the pursuit of money. And we notice the kabillion dollars and/or scoops of hot fame being consumed by those who aren’t quite following the rules of workplace fashion: start with Miley and the Kardashians, pause before James Franco and Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel, and consider TV pundits who span the range from conservative to Rodeo Drive. Head up to Microsoft’s or Google’s campus. Text Madonna.

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Fashion Finds: Fall Is Very Nearly Here

Danelle Cheney

When we shop, we're looking for designs that make our lives more comfortable and beautiful. We're also looking for good deals — thank you yet again, T.J. Maxx —  because hey... who doesn't love a bargain? Check out the goodies we found, and their lovely T.J. "Must-I-needa" prices.

Clockwise from top left:  1 "Flirty" leather bag by Rebecca Minkoff, $99 2 "Quinne" caramel leather booties by Franco Sarto, $59 3 "Steph" vino leather satchel by Aimee Kestenberg, $179 4 Black leather buckled booties by Franco Sarto, $69

Clockwise from top left:

1 "Flirty" leather bag by Rebecca Minkoff, $99
2 "Quinne" caramel leather booties by Franco Sarto, $59
3 "Steph" vino leather satchel by Aimee Kestenberg, $179
4 Black leather buckled booties by Franco Sarto, $69

Handbag Fun: The New $100 Bill Is Out Today

Andrea Chesney

Image from

Image from

The newest Benjamin debuts today, October 7 (establishing the odd fact that they release CDs, DVDs.... and money on Tuesdays?). Okay, back to the bill: though it features the not-really-fit but-was-a-sexy-beast-in-the-1700s Ben Franklin, the fast-talking Founding Father, it’s a pretty bill (reminding us of the playfully cute collect-‘em-all Euro notes).  It was supposed to appear back in 2011 but there were printing issues, so we had to wait and walk around with fistfuls of old hundreds, didn’t we? See more about your pretty new best money friend here on CNN. And it's clearly a good week to treat yourself to a nice new Kate Spade wallet to hold your crisp new Uncle Bs:


Wear Your Weekend Shoes.

Andrea Chesney

What would happen if you could bring the energy of Friday and Saturday nights to Monday morning? The swooping, great thoughts, big goals and dreams and passions. Is there value in being the person in the tall heels, the marathon number, devoted volunteer, flawless stylista, amazing parent, passionate observor on Monday? What would happen? What new insights would be available for your life? Your relationship? Your job? 

Anyway, booties we love for fall, while you are thinking about that.


Dressing Your Truth vs. —

Andrea Chesney

 So I have learned about this thing called Dress Your Truth.

Disclaimer: The video I was shown slapped me in the face so hard, I am not sure I fully understand the explanation given for the idea. But it seems to say that women fall into one of four categories of beauty. Types 1-4. As a female woman, you need to wear the right clothing for your Type, your Type of natural beauty. In the right style and colors assigned to your Type, you would feel truly comfortable, happy, experience well being and feel at peace with your life and inner self. You might sparkle.

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What We Can't Smile Without: Johnnie Boden

Andrea Chesney

Johnnie Boden found a breakthrough formula and sticks to it. A witty identity is paired with appealing photography. Images are brilliantly styled and captured in a recognizably English, Boden-brand way. Bits of copy are uniformly Bodenized, whether online or in the fat little lovely catalogues; cheeky thoughts and UK word-play thrive saucily. The merchandise bubbles out energy. No big-box boredom here. We've read blogs describing this as clothing for “yummy Mummies” and rather outrageously comparing them to Talbots. But in cities, we see Boden pieces worn by high school and college girls, ad agency creatives, and lots of us out on dates. Even bits colorfully mixed with club gear, UO, Crew and Anthropologie. The higher-end range dresses us with a new Boden edge. Who says the British can’t be (teasingly) direct in their pitch and woo? Because, ooooh, our Johnnie can, mmm. This is one smooth, solidly iconic brand. Go, Boden House people, go. Keep making us smile the way you do. 

While we’re on the subject, our Fall looks from Boden:

Hope Seemed Lost. Then There Was Etsy.

Andrea Chesney

Just when the economy sucked most, and retailers were still boring, a flash of brilliance burped out the gorgeous unicorn we know as etsy. Swear to god, we can spend two hours in an airport traveling from Holiday Earrings to Vintage Birds to 50s Jewelry Cases to Handknit Icelandic Hats to Dog Toys and Cocktail Bags and Wind Up Clocks and Tiki Sets and never feel anything but grateful delight knowing that wonderful clever people are out there, everywhere, doing this, believing in something, believing in themselves, creating this other fabulous shopping world. Some favorite things and the etsy shops we found them in: