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Words do this to us. They feed us even before we see. They build expectations. They are things too. And they lead us to see other things in a certain way. Words activated like and paired with the visual are the message.

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Johnnie Walker Is Winning Our Hearts

Danelle Cheney

Have you seen this commercial? Full disclosure, the first time we saw it on TV, there was a bit of don't-you-dare-ask-me-it's-just-allergies-I-swear watery eyes happening. Our internal dialogue: I WILL KEEP WALKING! I WILL! OH, HOW I WILL WALK! ... Wait... this is a booze commercial.

Cheers, Johnnie Walker, for some classy advertising.

Fair Warning: YouTube may require sign-in to view this video (to prove you're 21+), because adult beverages. You can also go see it directly on Johnnie Walker's site (also requires birthday verification).


A Sparkly Heart For Lazy Phone Man And Friends

Andrea Chesney


Motorola, we love lazy phone guy. We talk about it, and the deft way it has fun with the truly huge presence of the phones in our life and what they represent as we try to apologize and accommodate around them. How do you find another way to talk about phones when you’re not an iPhone? Motorola the sleeper finally let its agency take a re-imaging step the way Samsung did a few months ago with their eye poke at the crowds waiting outside the Apple store for the iPhone 5. (Don’t worry, Mayhem Man (Dennis Haysbert) – we’re still mentally engaged to your fineness.)

We want to go to a casual bar party where Mayhem Man, Captain Morgan, Lazy Phone Guy, and Flo and the life of any party, the PooPourri Girl, are just hanging out. Right? And then Heineken Man and some Old Spice Guys and the Orbit Girl join them, and there is like a little macho-ego spokesman throw down, but then the Most Interesting Man in the world comes over and shows them the Hope Diamond or a polo pony, and it’s cool and everyone laughs and orders tapas. The Wendy’s girl tries to join them but they’re like, uh, girrrrllll, not yet. And so she goes to sit with the Jimmy Dean Delights Sun Man and the Sonic guys.

What She Did After She Quit: Allegro

Andrea Chesney

Things You Really Can Accomplish when you say "see ya later, guys" and pack up your shoes and earrings and cashmere sweaters and take a year off and move to the south of France and make friends in chic cafes and zip around the hillsides to parties in your sportscar, and write. This non-cloying romance novel should be filmed. We salute you from our desks and cubicles, Adora Bennett, as the "Ha-I-did-it!" author of the modern romance titled Allegro. And we hear that life's love actually does imitate art. ;-) 


Word Of The Week: Cup

Andrea Chesney

Watching Anna Kendrick’s music video for Cups (Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”), we liked the film work and the visual hook of the rhythmic cup play. We liked her laid back, I-know-the-hell-who-I-am attitude and style.

We also decided we liked the word cups. It walks around conjuring up beverage holders, like almost your one slice of personality and remembering who you are at some places of work. Someone leaves, and their chipped French Paper cup is left behind, like a bird’s body on a New Jersey beach. Cup: also the way we hold something dear, the main bits of a bra and what men think about when they see Kate Upton on the cover of anything. Our favorite hot sweaty tanned handsome hardcore ball playing sporty men count on cups too. Cups are offered as diner souvenirs and awards (loving cups) and warm soothing drinks (cups of love). Tiny tiny dogs are teacup breeds. Really, cup something today.

What We Can't Smile Without: Johnnie Boden

Andrea Chesney

Johnnie Boden found a breakthrough formula and sticks to it. A witty identity is paired with appealing photography. Images are brilliantly styled and captured in a recognizably English, Boden-brand way. Bits of copy are uniformly Bodenized, whether online or in the fat little lovely catalogues; cheeky thoughts and UK word-play thrive saucily. The merchandise bubbles out energy. No big-box boredom here. We've read blogs describing this as clothing for “yummy Mummies” and rather outrageously comparing them to Talbots. But in cities, we see Boden pieces worn by high school and college girls, ad agency creatives, and lots of us out on dates. Even bits colorfully mixed with club gear, UO, Crew and Anthropologie. The higher-end range dresses us with a new Boden edge. Who says the British can’t be (teasingly) direct in their pitch and woo? Because, ooooh, our Johnnie can, mmm. This is one smooth, solidly iconic brand. Go, Boden House people, go. Keep making us smile the way you do. 

While we’re on the subject, our Fall looks from Boden:

40 Days Of Dating

Andrea Chesney

 Did you see Jessica today?

That’s how every day starts.

Did you see Tim today?

Forty Days of Dating brilliantly but unflinchingly unpeels the rugged bumpy weird-looking avocado that can be a relationship. Two long-time friends in New York agree to date each other exclusively for 40 days to see if they can resolve their personal dating issues and terrors and Asperger’s syndrome-like passion-killers, and maybe even fall for each other.

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Sweet Things May Save The World, Or At Least Us.

Andrea Chesney

You can’t try a new pair of shoes for a block in NYC without ending up in front of a cupcake shop. Like Buttercup Bake Shop, these places joined with stores like Dylan’s Candy Bar, a gloriously stylish ode to the magic of candy that that was created by Dylan Lauren, Ralph’s daughter, to offer what people needed. The message: sometimes sweets are really just what we need, health be damned for a minute. Other sweet things we love: earrings, rings, dog faces, kittens, this handbag, neighbors named Dottie, a bridge like this, the way you said that, and the way we found this shoe. Sweet de-stressers can be fun. That’s what you need sometime. 

We’d love to get our hands on these sweets. If we’re being completely honest, we’d lick the packaging clean and keep it cause it’s sweet long after the sugar is gone:

Hope Seemed Lost. Then There Was Etsy.

Andrea Chesney

Just when the economy sucked most, and retailers were still boring, a flash of brilliance burped out the gorgeous unicorn we know as etsy. Swear to god, we can spend two hours in an airport traveling from Holiday Earrings to Vintage Birds to 50s Jewelry Cases to Handknit Icelandic Hats to Dog Toys and Cocktail Bags and Wind Up Clocks and Tiki Sets and never feel anything but grateful delight knowing that wonderful clever people are out there, everywhere, doing this, believing in something, believing in themselves, creating this other fabulous shopping world. Some favorite things and the etsy shops we found them in: